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June 15, 2019 - 5:10 PM
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Real Estate Lawyers Division

The Real Estate Lawyers Division (RELD) of The West Virginia Bar Association was established in 1996 when an independent group of real estate lawyers from West Virginia decided to meld their organization into The WVBA.  This close nit and dynamic division focuses on issues related to the practice of real estate law in West Virginia. Once a year they host a real estate law conference.  The special assessment members of the RELD pay, in addition to their WVBA dues, to belong to this division go toward this conference.  As a result, the registration fee for the annual real estate conference is waived for members of the RELD.

If your legal practice is concerned with real estate law, you will find belonging to the RELD  worthwhile .

How do I join?

Complete and submit The West Virginia Bar Association membership application along with the appropriate dues payment to The West Virginia Bar Association, PO Box 2162, Huntington, WV 25722.