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June 15, 2019 - 4:36 PM
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  •   New Lawyer - Fee Waived - During the first year after having been admitted, dues are waived
  •   Member - $170 - West Virginia lawyer licensed in good standing with the West Virginia State Bar.
  •   Associate Member - $300 - Entitles individuals, other than legal professionals, to participate in the WVBA.
  •   Real Estate Lawyer Division - $125 (add’l) Includes a CLE seminar sponsored exclusively for the benefit of real estate lawyers.
  •   WVU College of Law Faculty - $170
  •   Senior Lawyer Division - No Additional Charge - Entitles those 55+ years of age to participate in programs designed exclusively for this group.
  •   Young Lawyer Division - $85 - A young lawyer is anyone who has been admitted to any state bar for less than six years, regardless of age.
  •   Legal Nurse Consultant - $60 - Entitles legal nurse consultants to participate in the WVBA.
  •   Legal Assistant - $60 - Entitles legal assistants to participate in the WVBA.
  •   Inactive Lawyer - $70 - A Member in good standing at the time their license became inactive with the State Bar.
  •   Out of State Member - $97 - Lawyers licensed in good standing with any state other than West Virginia.
  •   Elder Lawyer - Fee Waived - Lawyers who have been engaged in the practice of law for more than 50 years.
  •   Student Lawyer - Fee Waived - Full time law student at an accredited law school.
  •   Judges - Fee Waived - Active and retired judges.

Note: Any law firm in which five or more lawyers are affiliated, and all affiliated lawyers join or are members of the WVBA, and the firm agrees to pay for all lawyers’ dues directly to the WVBA will be entitled to an annual “list bill” discount of 10%. Pro-rates: after July 1st submit 1/2 of annual fee (pays to 12-31 of current year). After October 1st, submit full amount (pays for remainder of year and all of following year).

I hereby apply for membership in the West Virginia Bar Association and certify that I am*:
A member in good standing of the West Virginia State Bar
A member in good standing of the State Bar (please indicate state of admittance)
A judge in office or retired
A member of the faculty at the WVU College of Law
A full time student in good standing at the following accredited law school:
A Licensed Registered Nurse currently practicing as a Legal Nurse Consultant, and a member of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants

As a condition of having my name enrolled among the members of the West Virginia Bar Association, I undertake to maintain and promote the goals and purposes of the West Virginia Bar Association.